3 Favorites That Give Good This Holiday

Mindy is head of retail for all our shops. She makes all the buying decisions. Her desk is constantly flooded with interesting new products. She's great at editing that down to the curated set you see on our shelves. Here's more from Mindy.

When it comes to gift shopping at holiday time, your options are abundant. It’s easy to get lost in infinite lists on blogs suggesting perfect gifts for your office’s white-elephant exchange, or things to get for the guy who has everything. As the Head of Retail at Fellow Barber, I’m lucky that I get to try so many fantastic products and present the best of the best to our clients. Sometimes, it’s less obvious what sets one great product apart from the next great product. Thoughtful gifts for co-workers, friends and family feel nice to purchase, but I think buying something from a brand with a give-back mission feels even better. Here are some of my favorite products that go a long way, in more ways than one.

Happy Holidays!



Conscious Coconut
Conscious Coconut Oil - 3.4ml $18.00
Conscious Coconut’s organic, fair-trade certified coconut oil is good for everything from moisturizing your entire body to whitening your teeth. Among other things, it’s great as a beard oil, lip balm, stretch mark preventer and shave oil. The fact that it comes in a travel-ready aluminum tube with a sustainable bamboo lid makes it even friendlier. Apart from the wonders this oil can work, Conscious Coconut does plenty to give back. The tubes themselves are packaged by adults with developmental disabilities at MacDonald Training Center in Tampa, Florida. For every tube sold, Conscious Coconut donates a meal to a child in need through Feeding America food banks. This is a hero product from a company that empowers adults with disabilities and tackles childhood hunger all at the same time.

Great for: nursing mothers, frequent travellers, coconut freaks
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Abel Green Cedar
Abel Green Cedar - 50ml $150.00

Created using 100% natural ingredients, Abel's vibrant fragrances work with the body’s natural chemistry to evolve into a unique dynamic on the skin of every individual. The gift of natural fragrance means you’re not giving any artificial or chemically processed ingredients which can cause hypersensitivity and affect the nervous system. Though this is a great gift in and of itself, Abel goes one step further to give back. When you purchase Abel’s Green Cedar fragrance, a unique combination of a twice distilled Texas cedar and wild harvested Atlas Mountain cedar with notes of magnolia and cardamom, Abel makes a donation to Plastic Soup Foundation. Plastic Soup Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to stopping the increasing amount of plastic polluting the ocean. They are one of the leading advocacy groups to tackle plastic pollution. Abel takes inspiration and ingredients from nature and gives back as well. We think that’s pretty rad.

Great for: olfactic aficionados, environmental conservationists, urban cowboys

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Plant People Drops Relief
Plant People - Drops+Relief 720mg $79.00 Balm+Relief 2oz $49.00
Plant People is on a mission to heal and connect people through the power of plants. They make organically grown, full-spectrum hemp extracts rich in cannabinoids (CBD, CBN, CNG and more). Formulated with activating herbal ingredients, Plant People products help to balance mental and physical systems that support everyday stress, mood and recovery. Their Drops+Relief tincture and Balm+Relief salve make perfect gifts for anyone on your list who suffers from sciatic pain or sore muscles. In addition, Plant People donate a percentage of every sale to American Forests, a non-profit whose mission is to create healthy and resilient forests from cities to wilderness that deliver critical benefits to the environment, people, water and wildlife.

Great for: marathoners, bartenders, tree huggers

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