Meet the Barber - David

What made you want to become a barber? 

I am the third generation of barbers in my family. My grandfather and my father are also barbers. Having always been surrounded by the talent in my family, I naturally developed my skills quickly. I started at 15 years old and have always loved the craft.

What has your Fellow Barber journey been?

My dad has been with Fellow Barber since they opened their first shop. My grandfather also worked behind the chair at Fellow. I was cutting hair in a small neighborhood shop and at first, I wasn’t sure about making the move to a bigger company. I’m so glad I decided to get out of my comfort zone and give it a shot.

Not only has Fellow Barber allowed me to enhance my skills and build my confidence, it has also provided me a great team with mentors who have become true friends. My co-worker, Greg Karris, has been an incredibly positive influence. He has helped me to better myself as a barber and as a person.

What's your favorite haircut to do?

I know it sounds simple, but I always love to do a traditional short men’s cut with scissors.

There’s an art to a simple sleek cut that grows out properly and stays looking professional.