Meet the Barber - Tali

What made you want to become a barber?

I was always obsessed with my hair but never thought of being a barber. I met Raquel who is now one of Fellow’s top educators, and she started cutting my hair. Her enthusiasm and motivation for hair made me want to try it. The first time I used shears I knew it was my calling.


What has your Fellow Barber journey been?

I owe everything to Fellow Barber. I was a Fellow Barber customer and met Raquel, who became my mentor. I started in the Fellow Barber apprenticeship program which was very educational and helpful for me.

After succeeding in the program, I became a Junior Barber. I had the chance to learn from a bunch of the best barbers in the company, which helped me gain confidence in my work. I am now a full-time Fellow Barber at the flagship NoMad location.

What's your favorite haircut to do?

I love to do a classic men's cut. 

I also love to use my shears for mid-length cuts.