Stocking Stuffers For Everyone on your List

Mindy is head of retail for all our shops. She makes all the buying decisions. Her desk is constantly flooded with interesting new products. She's great at editing that down to the curated set you see on our shelves. Here's more from Mindy.

The age-old cliché that good things come in small packages always rings truest when you’re looking for those perfect stocking stuffers. Just because these gifts fit in a stocking doesn’t mean they sacrifice the wow factor. Here are my picks for the best tiny items you can find at Fellow Barber this holiday season!

Happy Holidays!

- Mindy

Hibi Incense Matches
Hibi Incense Matches - 8 matches per box - $12.00/box
I keep our office scented always. But, at home or on the road, a full incense stick can be too much and I don’t like to travel with a candle. Hibi Incense Matches are the perfect solution for accessible, short aromatherapy sessions. Each match lasts about 10 minutes and fills your space with enchanting aromas like Japanese Cypress or Yuzu. Made in the Harima region of the Awaji Island in Japan where incense has been made for over 150 years, Hibi embodies the traditional methods of this ancient practice. As an added touch, the box includes a mat for use anywhere.
Musgo Real Soap on a Rope
Musgo Real Soap on a Rope - $28.00
Some disagree, but my research says that Musgo Real created the first soap on a rope in 1936 in Portugal. The soap itself is enriched with walnut extract for ultra-moisturizing effects. The rope is made of pure cotton. And, the fragrances are frantastic. We offer their timeless, chunky cleansing bar in Classic Scent, Orange Amber and Oak Moss fragrances.

Alder Face Masks: 2 uses per pouch - $8.00/pouch
Everyone you know will appreciate these luxurious face masks. Even the person with the most minimal skincare routine will can handle the simple instructions: Put it on, let it sit for 3-5 minutes and wash it off. Perfect to use in the shower, while watching TV, in a hotel room or as a quick treatment before work. Each pouch (options are Hydrating, Brightening, and Clarifying) has enough product for 2 applications.

Edwin Jagger Diffusion Double Edge Safety Razor - $39.00
There’s a reason Edwin Jagger has been a leading name in traditional British grooming tools for the last 30 years. Their safety razors are a great, affordable upgrade from a basic cartridge or electric razor. The Double Edge Safety Razor provides a closer shave, reduces skin irritation, shave bumps and ingrown hairs. Each comes with a Feather Blade to get started. We’re seeing more of our clients turning to old school shaving techniques, and this classic model can quickly turn a daily task into a beloved ritual.

Fellow Barber Gift Card - $10.00 - $1000.00
Fellow Barber gift cards can be used for services and/or retail products at any of our physical stores. This takes some pressure off you to pick out the perfect present while still being thoughtful. The best gifts are the ones that get used often, so if there’s someone on your list who makes it a priority to visit the barbershop frequently, the Fellow Barber gift card is sure to please. (Available online)