Claus Porto

Musgo Real Shaving Cream


Practical and effective, Musgo Real's shaving cream is enriched with lanolin and natural oils to soften your beard, allowing for a smoother, long-lasting and enjoyable shave, always ensuring the cleanest of clean cuts. Skin will feel fresh, soothed and replenished, and lightly perfumed with notes of patchouli and vetiver. All of this in a charming, retro looking, packaging that allows for the product to be used up until it’s finished.

Musgo Real shaving cream comes in four distinct scents. 

Classic Scent:
  • Top: Patchouli, neroli, bergamot
  • Mid: Lavender, violet, wood
  • Base: Vetiver, musk
Oak Moss: 
  • Top: Lime, coriander
  • Mid: Spices, hay
  • Base: Wood, oak moss
Orange Amber: 
  • Top: Petitgran
  • Mid: Lemon, lavender
  • Base: Orange blossom, musk
Spiced Citrus:
  • Top: Lime, coriander, lemon, verbena
  • Mid: Hot spices
  • Base: Wood, incense
    100 ml / 3.4 fl oz