Self Care is for Everyone

At Fellow Barber, everyone is entitled to a haircut. Regardless of your financial situation or status of any kind, self-care is a basic human right that all people deserve. We understand that while everyone is entitled to it, not everyone can afford to pay for these services. That’s why we started our Pay What You Can Mondays program in November, 2020. 

As we were getting our barbershops back up and running after our cities’ shutdowns, we knew that people were craving connection, care and human interaction. People needed to get back on their feet and had job interviews to go to. There was, seemingly all of a sudden, a myriad of reasons that those who needed haircuts could not afford to get them. 

Pay What You Can

We saw that we had the ability to alleviate the roadblock to self care by implementing a Pay What You Can model for haircuts. Book a haircut and pay what you can - whether that’s $0.00 or $100.00, it’s up to you. 

As Fellow Barber continues to expand, we’re working hard to educate and provide job opportunities to new barbers. Our apprenticeship and Junior Barber programs are consistently churning out new talent that we want to foster and nurture. Giving new barbers a place to grow and learn is crucial for their development. 

Fostering Talent at Every Stage

Now, instead of offering Pay What You Can on Mondays only, we’re thrilled to offer this model everyday with our Junior Barbers at all of our New York locations. We hope to reopen these services in our Los Angeles and San Francisco shops by Summer 2023. Book a haircut any day of the week with a Junior Barber and Pay What You Can for your service. Be part of the journey for these talented, fresh faces embarking on their careers as skilled craftspeople. 


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