Morning Routine Kit

$49 $64

This set has everything you need for the perfect morning routine.

Start with your best shave using Shave Cream made with avocado oil and coconut fatty acids that provide cushion for your shave.

Then, care for your hair with Complete Shampoo. It gently cleanses your hair without drying it. That means you can use it daily, but we recommend using any shampoo no more than twice a week.

Last, Everyday Tonic tones your skin to its perfect structure. It contains witch hazel and aloe to tighten pores, promote healing, and rehydrate. Essential oils provide a wonderful scent you would want to reapply anytime your skin needs a refresh.

The Morning Routine Kit is the perfect way to start your day. This set includes Shave Cream, Everyday Tonic, and Complete Shampoo.

For the full list of ingredients in each product check the individual product pages.