Beanie Season without Hat Hair

Some call it sweata weatha, but as hair specialists, we’re way more into Beanie Season! Chilly temps call for breaking out our favorite hats, but one thing we often want to avoid is hat hair. We spoke to hat enthusiast and Senior Barber at our NoMad location in NY, Travis Nunes, to get the best tips and tricks for dealing with hat hair this Fall. 

Is there any way to avoid hat hair?

Unfortunately, hat hair is pretty unavoidable. Especially if you put your hat onto wet hair, and leave it on while it dries. Loosening your hat can help, but also, try to always put your hat on once your hair is dry.

Once I take my hat off, what can I do to refresh my hat hair?

Moisture will always bring hair back to its natural state. The best and quickest way to do that is by spraying Fellow Everyday Tonic all over your head, and drying it off with a clean towel. This will not only bring some life back to your hair, but adding some moisture will reactivate any hair products you might have in there. 

What products do you recommend either before my hat goes on, or after my hat comes off?

Sometimes, I like to use a hat to straighten and smooth out some of my waves. Right out of the shower, I towel dry my hair, and add a dime size amount of Fellow Styling Cream and one drop of Everyday Oil. I’ll work that through my hair, and comb my hair loosely into the desired shape I want that day. Then, I’ll throw on a very loose fitting cap backwards. I say loose because I don’t want an unsightly ridge around my head. Once my hair is dry, I’ll just add some Fellow Texture Paste and I’m good to go! No need for a blow dryer. This is great for people who have very voluminous hair, and maybe want to cut some of that volume down. 

How can I work my hat hair into my style so it feels intentional?

If you have short to medium length hair, unfortunately, it’s a lost cause. Hat hair will always look like hat hair. For folks with longer hair, hats can really help manage volume, especially on the days you shampoo and condition your hair. Never wear your hats too tight. Wearing a hat too tight can cause breakage along your hairline, and can speed up the recession process.