Fellow Barber is committed to providing a welcoming environment for all clients and offering a hassle-free, high quality experience. Often credited for the revival of time honored barbershop traditions, Fellow Barber’s expertly trained barbers provide classic cuts and straight-razor shaves to a discerning clientele.

We take seriously the professional development of our team. We provide training for those new to the industry and continuing education to help more experienced barbers continue to hone their craft.

Clients can expect superior customer service in addition to a high quality cut or shave.


30 min – 45 min

Children's Haircut
15 min – 30 min

15 min – 30 min

Beard Trim
15 min – 30 min

Beard Trim w/ Blade
25 min - 35 min

Beard Trim with additional razor work to define and clean the neck and cheek line from hair.

Straight Razor Shave
35 min – 60 min

Hangover Treatment
20 min

The Hangover Treatment is our take on a traditional barber facial. It includes a series of soothing hot and cold towel applications, with various essential oil and skincare treatments that cleanse, tighten pores and provide a relaxing moment.

Benjamin Button Facial
15 min

This hydrating facial that begins with a series of hot and cold towel compressions to refresh and calm the skin. The clean and high-performing skincare line - Alder New York – is incorporated into this treatment with the application of their anti-aging hydrating mask. Formulated with hyaluronic acid, skin-renewing spirulina, moisturizing vitamin E, and antioxidant oat straw extra - this moisture-rebooting, age-fighting facial, hydrates and exfoliates skin while fighting free-radicals. A go-to for when your skin is feeling diminished, dry, or lackluster and you want a youthful, plumping, antioxidant boost.

Flake No More Scalp Facial
15 min

If you experience any kind of flaking, redness or irritation of the scalp, look no further. Our "Flake No More" Scalp Facial is an absolute essential that cleans, rejuvenates and hydrates the scalp using Jupiter's Purifying Mask, Balancing Shampoo and Nourishing Conditioner - a heavenly science-backed, dermatologist-tested combination you'll simply never forget. Not to mention, it feels really REALLY good.