Style Icon: YSL - Bold, confident style for all situations

Not everyone who creates timeless art should be imitated. Yves Saint Laurent is an exception. The man himself, like the products he created, has a bold, confident style that works in all situations. Casual and elevated at the same time.

The look here is from 1971, perhaps his most iconic and rebellious year. That year he released what became known as “The Scandal Collection” and posed nude for Jeanloup Sieff and the cover of Vanity Fair.

Yves Saint Laurent, Fairchild/Condé Nast/Corbis

It is a longer style and a week or two of beard length, groomed cleanly, to subtly show you he pays attention to the details. To get this look, buy oversized, bold-framed glasses and a well-fitted henley t-shirt and then tell your barber:

  • It’s a mid-length haircut, just above the shoulders 
  • A natural look with layers and no hard shape
  • Trim the beard to a #3, and clean up the edges and under the bottom lip

To keep it going at home:

*What is crimp? After running your fingers through your hair, near the ends, squeeze your hair into your fist and quickly release. Like a heartbeat that brings you hair to life.