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The 12 Best Hair Products for Men

Good hair days ahead!

Avoiding bad hair days is an art form that’s easy to master once you have the right tools and tricks of the trade. You might already be familiar with the basics (hello, shampoo and conditioner), but the world of men’s hair care and styling is full of different, diverse products. Knowing the difference between a hair pomade versus a hair clay and what style you’ll get from both is one step you must take to achieve endless good hair days. In addition, understanding what your hair type is and what products are best for you is crucial.

To help you get the best hair of your life and navigate the jungle that is men’s hair care, we’ve gathered our top 12 list of the greatest hair products for men. From the best sea salt spray to the best styling cream, our best hair product picks for men will help you craft your signature hair look.

The Best Styling Cream for Men: Fellow Styling Cream

Styling creams can transform clean, freshly washed locks into hair that feels lived-in and, honestly, just looks better. Fellow Barber’s Styling Cream is designed to give you “that two day dirty” hair, which they view as mid-length and longer hair that looks natural and properly cared for. It lets your natural, casual look shine through because you don’t need to try hard to look great.

This styling cream is water-soluble (so it’s easy to rinse out) and paraben- and sulfate-free. To give that natural, lived-in look, the cream relies on natural ingredients like shea butter and meadowfoam seed oil to moisturize, fatty acids to provide some natural shine, cacao seed oil to soften hair, and vitamins to protect and nourish. This styling cream for men also boasts the natural fragrance of petitgrain, with notes of citrus and wood.