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Andaz 5th Avenue + Fellow Barber Launch Brand New Hotel Partnership

by: Ivy Griffith

January 25, 2022

Andaz 5th Avenue recently announced the launch of a new, first-of-its-kind partnership with NYC-based brand Fellow Barber. Starting in December of 2021, Andaz 5th Avenue became the first hotel in the world to carry Fellow’s unisex line of professional quality haircare products in every guest room and suite. It’s a match made in heaven; Andaz 5th Avenue’s luxury digs and Fellow Barber’s pampering products.

The Fellow amenity line at Andaz 5th Avenue was developed with the high standards of Fellow Barber’s own barbers. This created a line of top-shelf, industry-leading products that make you feel like you’re being cared for by Fellow Barber’s top quality team members.

All of Fellow’s products are made in the USA, sulfate and paraben-free, which makes them the perfect products for curly hair. Instead of using harsh chemicals, the Fellow products are scented with 100% natural essential oils. At Andaz, the leading scents include petitgrain – from bitter orange – with hints of the woods from Northern California, eucalyptus and patchouli. It’s a rich, memory-invoking scent profile that fits right into the luxury locale of Andaz 5th Avenue.

Products available for guests include shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body lotion and hand-soap. The soaps contain coconut-derived surfactants which provide gentle but effective cleansing, as well as zinc and rosemary leaf oil to refresh the scalp. Meadowfoam oils, mango butters and jojoba oils moisturize, protect and nourish.

Dulberg Explains the Partnership

When asked how the partnership came about, Dulberg explains, “I think it’s important for Andaz to work with a vibrant, reputable and quintessentially-NYC brand. And so we were proud to partner with them for our inaugural launch into hotels.” Dulberg continues, “I think hotel amenities are a great luxury touch points for guests, and they play a pretty major role in creating that unforgettable overnight or long stay; just their experience in general. And the sensory experience when you use a product in a hotel room, the smell, the feel of it, that creates a memory. And I think that is really cool for a brand because we are then associated with your stay there in the hotel.”

Fellow Barber hopes to grow their hotel presence in the future, which of course gives them great visibility. But it’s more than growing a customer base – it’s connecting with those customers. “We hope that this grows into a bigger program, as this was our inaugural launch. But since we haven’t been at Andaz that long it’s hard to say what this will translate into. However, we have gotten some great feedback. They told us that people were asking about the products at the front desk, they love the scents. So, it’s getting enough attention that people are talking about it.”

Fellow Barber

Fellow Barber

The Fellow Barber brand was created to meet a need. Prior to Fellow’s launch, in New York City you had basically two options for professional haircare: $12 haircuts at the corner, or $90+ haircuts at an upscale salon. Fellow launched with a $40 price point but superior quality care. Luxury that was affordable – but not so scary cheap that you feared for your hair. Each Fellow Barber team member provides the utmost in quality care. And after its inception, Fellow Barber grew to offer their own line of products.

Dulberg shares, “Fellow Barber has just grown so much. We started in 2006 with one small shop on the Lower East Side. And currently we have eleven locations: five in New York City, four in Los Angeles and two in San Francisco. And we’re still growing. That’s really exciting. And we launched our own product line.”

The product line is specific, each product perfected. Dulberg continues, “It’s just a very tight, small line of just haircare and hair styling. We currently have eight SKUs in the line now, which are products that we use in all of our shops. But we also sell to other salons and barber shops across the country as well as lifestyle boutiques. We’ll be in Nordstrom on their website soon as well.”

Andaz 5th Avenue

Andaz 5th Avenue

The new home base for the hotel line of Fellow Barber products is Andaz 5th Avenue, one of New York City’s most sought destinations. A Hyatt property, Andaz 5th Avenue’s exterior is a classic NYC contemporary facade. Inside, guests are welcomed into a rich boutique-style atmosphere with dark woods and modern touches throughout.

Each room is an artful blend of lights and darks, with playful shapes and classic furniture adorning the spaces. This is the perfect hotel for your reader’s soul, as right across the street is the famed New York Public Library. With local art sprinkled throughout the property and the kind of care you expect from Hyatt’s finest luxury hotels, it’s the perfect place to relax after exploring New York City.

To plan and book your stay, visit the website. And now while you’re there, you can pamper yourself with Fellow Barber.