Hair Styling Tips For Your Different Everyday Looks

13 Jan 2022 by Lina Jordan 

With exponential growth within the men’s grooming category for 2021, experts predict 2022 will continue expanding. With more men focusing on grooming & appearance, it is time we see hair (and even facial hair) styling as part of a modern gent’s fashion. It’s an excellent way to heighten the sophistication with any outfit choice – from jeans to suits & ties.

Fellow Barber is a leader in bringing modern-men easy styling solutions – so whether you’re rocking a suit to meet a partner in the office or simply hopping on Zoom, there’s a hair-styler for every situation & outfit.

Check out a quick product pairing breakdown below.

For jeans & a t-shirt
When casual meets cool, style hair with Fellow Barber’s Styling Cream ($25.00 at Amazon.com).

This cream adds the perfect 2-day dirty (we didn’t say not sexy) look to a gent’s locks.

For that quick Zoom meet
While reflectively we’re now used to Zoom meets, we’ve discovered not only their convenience but their necessity during this unpredictable time.If you’ve got a presentation or client call with camera-on, quickly mend hair into place with Fellow Barber’s Mineral Spray ($28.00 at Amazon.com). With a medium hold and natural finish, all you have to do is spray and comb for a fresh look.

For your suit & tie
Keep hair sleek and chic when suited up with Fellow Barber’s Strong Pomade ($25.00 at FellowBarber.com).

With a genuinely strong hold and high shine finish, this pomade levels up locks with an impeccable finish – while being water soluble for an easy shampoo out.

For athleisure and beyond
Fellow Barber’s Hybrid Clay ($25.00 at Amazon.com) is a versatile, matte finish clay that holds hair (while looking natural) in any situation.So, whether you’re heading around the city for a day of errands or just running to grab a coffee, you’ll be understatedly well-groomed.