Meet The Barber - Alyssa

What made you want to become a barber?

I worked in Digital Media for 7 years. Bored of the corporate life sitting at a desk all day, I needed a change. I was looking for a career that showcased my creativity, celebrated my uniqueness and allowed me to push myself. I was a barbershop customer myself, and the culture really resonated with me. The welcomed challenge of being a female in a male driven industry made me want to pursue barbering.

What has your Fellow Barber journey been?

When I graduated barber school, I started at Fellow as a Junior Barber. I learned so much from our team of in-house educators that I didn’t learn at school. This environment helped me become a well-rounded barber and built my confidence behind the chair.

I was promoted to Fellow Barber and so many doors have opened for me since. I’ve worked trade shows, large scale and promotional events and have been published on popular men’s lifestyle websites. Fellow is such a great company to work for and I’m so grateful that they gave me my start.

What's your favorite haircut to do?

I enjoy doing haircuts that are out of the box. I love doing designs and pushing my creative limits.

I have a new hair color or style every week, so I love getting clients in my chair who let me do whatever I want. It’s the best!