Winter Scalp Health

The only flakes we want to see this time of year are snowflakes. If you experience scalp flaking when the weather changes, don’t worry! You’re not alone and this is manageable, trust us. We spoke to scalp health experts at Jupiter to get the low down on flaking, why it happens, what makes it worse this time of year, and how to get it under control. 

Why do I experience flaking?

Flaking can be caused by a variety of factors including genetics (thanks, fam), underlying conditions such as seborrheic dermatitis or dry scalp, and lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, stress, and the climate you live in. Flaking on your scalp is incredibly common (50-75% of the world gets it at some point in their lives) and can be easily managed with scientifically formulated dandruff treatment products as well as helpful adjustments to your daily habits. 


It seems like it gets worse in the winter. Why is that?

For some, flaking can be seasonal. You may notice your scalp flakes more in the winter when temps drop and the air gets drier. This dry and cold winter air can dry out your scalp (just like it does the skin on the rest of our body). When your scalp is dry, you may start to notice dandruff flakes, itching, and irritation.

What can I do to eliminate the flaking this time of year?

Flaking can be easily managed with scientifically formulated dandruff treatment products and tweaks to your daily habits. First - we recommend washing with our Balancing Shampoo 3-4x per week to keep your scalp balanced and flake free. Make sure to use our Nourishing Conditioner each time you shampoo, and even on the days you don't shampoo, to keep your scalp moisturized. 

In addition to using the right products, make sure you're staying hydrated (that's right, help keep flakes at bay by chugging that H2O), pick a winter hat that isn't too tight and is regularly washed, and try a scalp rinse with cool water to help lock in moisture on your scalp at the end of a shower.

Lastly, check out Fellow Barber's Flake No More Scalp Facial - we worked with the team to expertly design a treatment for your scalp that gets rid of flaking and buildup and leaves your scalp feeling soothed and your hair looking refreshed. 

Is this a permanent problem, or is there something I can do to get rid of flakes for good?

While flaking isn't curable, it's easily managed. You can keep flakes away for good by keeping up with your scalp care routine. Using our Balancing Shampoo and Nourishing Conditioner 3-4x per week along with adjusting some of your daily habits will help ensure flaking is a thing of the past. 

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