Bang The Head That Doesn't Bang: THRASH HAIR!

Before Metallica were a Grammy award winning household name, thrash, the genre they helped pioneer and rocket to mainstream success, was about as extreme as guitar rock music had ever been played.

Thrash mixed the speed and ferocity of hardcore punk with the sounds and aesthetics of heavy metal. More specifically, the sounds of NWOBHM (New Wave of British Heavy Metal) bands like Iron Maiden and Motörhead.

The stripped down raw approach was reflected in the personal style of the bands and fans alike. Gone were intricate stage costumes and pristinely styled flowing long locks. Thrash shows were physical, calling for sneakers, jeans and leather jackets. Hair was kept long in textured cuts which was perfect for head banging. Styling products at the time included beer, and other household products that were easy to find. 

The thrash scenesters were early adopters of the undercut, which has never gone out of style. 

Not unlike the “Goth Chop”, thrash hair took the rebellious symbol of long hair and adapted it to fit the look and lifestyle of the thrash scene.

If you’ve been growing out that COVID-19 mullet like I have, and you're aspiring to achieve these looks, talking to your barber about layers and texturing to get the shape you're looking for is key.

Apply a healthy amount of Fellow Mineral Spray to achieve that grit and lift. Unfortunately, there are no gigs to head out to after this, so you’ll have to turn this playlist up loud and trash your own apartment.