Nick Cave & The Goth Chop

Long hair and shaggy styles have been commonly associated with being a rebellious free spirit, and always synonymous with Rock N Roll.

As the 1970’s came to a close, the artistic and socio-political movements it bore laid the groundwork for the subculture renaissance that landed in the 80’s. Goth, punk, rockabilly, new wave, hardcore, metal and all forms of rock intertwined in ways that created pop-culture movements and crowned icons we still consider the barometer of cool. 


Early photo of "Bones" from punk pioneers Discharge


Longer styles remained popular, but evolved from shags (Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, the Ramones) to more textured and layered looks. 

Roxy Music creating the foundations of the Goth Chop 1972

Nick Cave and his breakout band, The Birthday Party, were able to elevate their hair styles into art pieces. Cave’s hair has become iconic in its own right, and has evolved with him over the last 30-40 years. In Cave’s early days, we see the big, heavy, jagged styling we are accustomed to from 80’s goth looks. As he progressed and matured as an artist, so did his hair. He’s given us a lifetime of hair evolution from 25 year old punk to refined, 60 year old renowned musician, author, artist and actor.

For a messier take on Nick Cave’s look, work in some Fellow Mineral Spray for grit and texture. For a more refined look, work Fellow Styling Cream through the hair with a comb or your hands and push the hair back and behind the ears. 

With some simple products and tricks using flat clips, you can take control of those long locks and mold them into a look that’s unique to you. 

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The hair is malleable when it's wet. If you love your bedhead look, but need to redirect a few pieces, you can dampen the hair and reset it using clips. Hair will continue to move and bend until it is dry.

If you have extremely curly or textured hair, try not to touch it while it's drying. That’s what makes the hair frizz. Best to let it get 100% dry before moving your fingers through it.