Crop N Color

How a person wears their hair can be an ever-changing visual representation of who they are.

Just like with fashion style, you can present a lot about yourself in how you wear your hair.

Eady of Ho99o9

In the 1990’s, tattoos and piercings became less taboo. Strict business dress standards began to lax and all of these factors blended together to inform generations of people looking to stand out.

I found myself one day endlessly scrolling through photos of former NBA champ Dennis Rodman, who may be best known for simply being himself.

As a kid, I remember being drawn to his hair and the never-ending color combos and designs he incorporated.

Dennis Rodman 

He did not exist in a vacuum, and as I got older, I began to take my own pop culture cues. The dyed crop seemed to become a universal counter culture style that could be worn across all race and gender lines.

Variations on this can be spotted on street style mavens here in Williamsburg, or on the press releases for any one of ASAP Ferg’s projects.

A$ap Ferg

Using a more simple style of cut as a canvas to build off of is a great way to make a statement and stand out.

Whether you’re new to using hair color or a seasoned vet, it’s important to make sure you are taking care of the hair and scalp and giving it the nutrition it will need when you’re working with these products. Work Winter Wash into your routine to give your scalp back that much needed moisture and Vitamins A,C,E to help prevent your hair from becoming dry and damaged. It is also color safe!

MCA of the Beastie Boys

Alyssa Bachowski, barber at our Williamsburg shop and in house self expression expert, had these tips :

“When looking to do an intricate hair design or color your hair in a more abstract way, it’s important to do your research. Research a stylist who is well versed in design work or who has the skill set to provide color services. Check out their Instagram page to see what their style is, and if it fits what you are looking to achieve. If you are going to color your hair, it’s best to research the process and especially the aftercare. Most likely, you will need your hair lightened (bleached). Fantasy colors, especially pastels, tend to fade quickly if the proper aftercare and products aren’t used.” 

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