Style Inspo: Denzel Curry

Denzel Curry is, without a doubt, one of my favorite current rappers. His rhymes are down to earth and heartfelt. His delivery is as intense and compelling as any punk band. This is music that makes you want to get active, whatever that may mean for you.

Besides his music, it’s obvious that Denzel is a student of subculture. He pulls in different influences from across genres and styles, bringing a unique approach and aesthetic to everything he does. From covering bands like Rage Against the Machine and Bad Brains, to heading out on tours featuring mixed bills of hip hop, punk rock and noise.

You can often see Denzel wearing clothing from his hometown of Miami. He rocks labels like Stray Rats and Lower East Coast, supporting his city while also using his personal style to let you know where he is from and what he’s about.

Can’t stress it enough - whether it’s a local suit maker or a DIY t-shirt operation, there are folks in your city or town creating unique clothing items. Support them and represent for your local creators.

Recently, I read a 2018 interview with Denzel where he talks about the reason for cutting off his dreads, which were a trademark for him up to that point.

Denzel goes on to state the importance of reinventing yourself, and how his need to evolve led him to symbolically start fresh with a haircut.

He keeps his dreads in a box to serve as a reminder of where he has been and where he is working to be. The idea of cutting one's hair as a means of transformation, growth or a new beginning, is something that can be found in ancient cultures across the world and has the ability to hold just as much meaning today.