How to style fine hair - Take it short

J.Crew and Fellow Barber have teamed up in our location in DUMBO. We filmed a series of videos with some simple hair care and styling tips that all our clients can benefit from.

Next in the series, we spotlight How to Style Fine Hair. Clients with fine or thin hair often feel like there is nothing they can do to add volume.

First up, get a shorter hairstyle. Shorter hair can give the appearance of volume if you do it right, like you know Wayne does in the video below.

Use a lightweight styling product. Our Texture Paste was recognized by Men's Health as the Best Lightweight Hair Paste. Used lightly, it can help create a bit of shape to your style.

Plus, a gentle shampoo like our Complete Shampoo is light on surfactants so it doesn't strip your hair and scalp of the natural oils it needs to look healthy. Making the switch can prevent oils that weigh down your hair.

Watch the video for a full tutorial. Get Texture Paste & Complete Shampoo below.