Oscars 2019. 4 Nominees for Best Look.

Earlier this week, we shared our Oscars recap in our Instagram Story. We picked four of our favorite looks from the red carpet. And asked our followers to weigh in. After all the hubbub died down, Henry Golding, co-star of Crazy Rich Asians, eked out the win with a whopping 89% approval rating. We loved all the looks and, of course, it's an honor just to be nominated.

The Nominees - Henry Golding, Jason Momoa, Adam Driver, Billy Porter

Henry Golding

It might be a good idea to stay in character when that character is the leading male role in the highest grossing romantic comedy since 2005. Henry Golding maintains his dapper look with a white waistcoat and bowtie plus the high shine of a pomade style. He’s got a classic gentleman’s haircut with some strong sideburns.

To get it right, warm an almond size of Strong Pomade in your hands. Then, starting with the back and sides, rub it into your hair. Finish with a comb through the front to get that slick side part.

Jason Momoa
Being an action star makes it easier to pull off a messy look and a blush colored tuxedo. But, it’s not a guarantee. Aquaman is pulling it off because he takes care of his hair in the right way. The good news is that the right way is also the easy way. Do less.

Shampoo less often, only 1-2x per week (even if you spend all day in the ocean or the gym). Use a gentle cleansing shampoo, like our Complete Shampoo.

Adam Driver
In our informal poll, this look was the early leader. Adam’s hair is amazing here. It looks healthy, full, and luscious. As an actor, he’s known to be a conscientious worker and so it is not a surprise that he has been preparing all year for Hollywood’s biggest night. He’s got the same hair care regimen as Momoa but he styled it using something like our Styling Cream, which provides additional nourishment and a hint of natural shine.

Billy Porter
We just have to shout Mr. Billy Porter out for bringing it. But, also to his barber for walking the fine line to get just the right balance of cleanliness without overly shaping it. Shout out to her.

In case you were wondering, Billy wore a custom dress and matching jacket.

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