Meet the Barber - Greg

What made you want to become a barber?

My Mom was a hair stylist. She taught me some things, and growing up, haircuts were done as family projects. My brother, sister and I would cut each other’s hair under our Mom’s supervision. There were some good ones and many bad ones, but they made for great memories.


What has your Fellow Barber journey been?

I was an apprentice for 2 years at Nick & Ryan’s Cutting Room and got my barber license my senior year of high school. I worked there for a while before moving to a barbershop/tattoo parlor, where I met my wife. I started working with Fellow Barber when a barber from their team reached out and offered me a position.

What's your favorite haircut to do?

My favorite haircut to do is any type of fade. I like doing old school late 90s tape ups. 

I always enjoy doing a good skin fade and a challenging beard trim too!