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The 7 Best Shampoos for Guys With Oily Hair

Grease got you down? Here's what to use.

April 28, 2022

By: Adam Hurley

Oily hair is something of a misnomer. On the days when your strands appear to be at their greasiest, the real culprit is your scalp.
After all, that’s where the oil in your hair comes from—not from going too long without a shampoo. And left too long, an excess of oil can lead to flaking, irritation and fungus. Not good.
This is why the best shampoos for oily hair are formulated to target the scalp. Yes, they’ll wash your hair, too, but because they’re tasked with doing the deep work of resetting your hair’s foundation, some of them might dry out your locks in the process—so they may not be good for regular use.  Others, however, are gentle enough to use every other day. In either case, you always want to make sure to pair a shampoo with a conditioner.

But there isn’t one oil-fighting shampoo panacea for everyone. What works on your oily scalp might not be the best approach for the next person. You may not need to swap out your current, preferred shampoo, so much as you need one waiting in the wings for the days your scalp needs a little rebalancing.

For a roster of the best shampoos for oily scalps (and hair), read on. You’ll likely find one or two options that suit your needs.

Best Warm-Weather Shampoo: Fellow Barber Summer Wash

Fellow Barber Summer Wash

Fellow’s summer shampoo is the yin to their winter shampoo’s yang. What makes it specifically ‘summer’? The light-foaming, alcohol-free formula is powered by coconut-derived surfactants, which flush away sweat, oil and grime while also balancing the scalp with zinc and rosemary leaf oil. (This makes it terrific as a year-round pick for oily scalps, too.) So, if your oily scalp is a summer condition, then stock up now. If it’s perennial, then, well, get even more.