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11 Best aftershaves for men (2022)

May 11, 2022

It’s a well-known fact that the worst part of any man’s grooming routine is shaving. The itchy stubble, the irritation, the nicks and cuts - no wonder beards have become trendy in recent years! To make matters worse, aftershaves often sting and burn. But if you’re not part of the beard resistance, or if you’re required to stay bare-faced, shaving is probably still a key part of your skincare routine - and so is aftershave.

Not all aftershaves are made the same. In the past, aftershaves were antiseptics that eliminated any bacteria that could infect the micro-cuts left behind by shaving. That’s why they often did more harm than good; they only compounded skin’s irritation and dryness.

Modern skincare lines have begun to incorporate more natural, soothing ingredients into their aftershave formulas to prevent these unwanted aggravations while also supplying hydration deep into the dermis. On application, these formulas calm skin inflammation. And over time, they moisturize the skin and dissolve any texture, bumps, or lines caused by shaving.

If you struggle with sensitive skin, a quality aftershave might just be the product you need to step up your shaving game. Today, many brands offer sensitive-friendly products that are free from harmful additives, such as artificial fragrances and stripping alcohols, so you can enjoy the benefits of aftershave without risking your skin. For guys who love to smell great, most aftershaves come with a subtle fragrance to either enhance - and sometimes replace - the scent of your deodorant, cologne, or natural musk.

Aftershave has evolved dramatically over the years. It has also cemented itself as a staple in the male grooming regime.

If you’ve been skeptical about it for a while, let us reassure you - aftershave is the key to smooth, relaxed skin. We’ve compiled a list of the 11 best aftershaves for men, so you can pick out the best fit for your unique skin needs.

Fellow - Everyday Tonic

When you think about what makes an aftershave special, a few qualities come to mind. A great aftershave has to a) calm irritation, b) prepare the skin for further skincare, and c) offer a pleasant scent. Fellow’s Everyday Tonic fulfills all of these requirements and more. Its astringent-based formula is infused with botanicals that work hard at improving your skin.

The Everyday Tonic is strong enough to lift dirt and grease yet gentle to promote healing and soothe the skin. Barbers have even adopted the Everyday Tonic because it effectively removes surface residue and preps hairs for styling without stripping them.

This alcohol, paraben, and sulfate-free formula can really make an impact. The key ingredients of the Everyday Tonic are natural and gentle, so you can use it - you guessed it - everyday. Witch hazel, aloe vera, bisabolol, and eucalyptus combine to purify the skin while offering supreme comfort and refreshment. Enriching the pore-vanishing properties of witch hazel, bisabolol, an essential oil derived from chamomile, offers a calming effect that eliminates any redness.

To help with ingrown hairs, the folks at Fellow have cleverly included lemon extract in their formulation. The citric acid within draws trapped hair to the surface, dries out any inflamed contents, and smooths out blemished areas. And in case you thought it couldn’t get any better, arnica is also incorporated into the formula - it provides natural pain relief and treats swelling. Talk about a powerful product!

Made in the USA, the Fellow Everyday Tonic comes with a fresh, herbal and woody scent with notes of bergamot and cedarwood for a masculine appeal. The handy spray bottle means you can apply it to all body parts for a quick degrease and refresh. We suggest you try it on your hair for some added magic.