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Introducing Fellow

Rethink how you wash your hair. Use styling product that rinses out with water. Get better hair.

Summer Wash

Gentle cleansers for warm and humid conditions

Winter Wash

Overloaded with nourishment for dry and cold weather.


Summer Wash is specifically designed with summer in mind.

The reason

Understanding how your hair and scalp react to the seasons is the first step in preventive and restorative hair care. Dry hair and loss of your natural oils visibly impacts hair and scalp health. Your hair changes with the rise and fall in temperatures and humidity.


Shampoo destroys your hair.

How we know

We’ve done more than 2 million hair cuts. We know hair. Most people overdo it with shampoo. Wash less often to have healthier hair. On off days, just rinse with water so your hair can be its best.


Mineral Spray is ocean in a bottle.

Part of a bigger picture

Made with sea water, algae, kelp, and quinoa so your hair gets that textured look without drying like salt sprays. No alcohol and 100% natural fragrance. This is just one of the innovative new formulas we’re launching soon.

Thank you for your continued support for the last 13 years. This new product line, Fellow, is a big step forward for the way you care for and style your hair. We worked hard for a long time to develop the expertise needed to make this leap. We are excited to share it with you.

-Sam Buffa

Fellow Barber has been cutting and styling hair for 13 years. Through more than 2 million haircuts, the top recommendation our expert staff have for clients is to wash less often.

Stop shampoo. Summer Wash.